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CDA Renewal Requirements

To enroll in CDA renewal coursework with we ask that all participants meet the CDA Council for Professional Recognition requirements, as outlined below.


    Renewal Enrollment Requirements

    By the time you complete classes with us at you will need to meet the following requirements:
  • Hold an active Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate (If your certificate has expired it may not be too late to enroll in CDA renewal classwork and renew your CDA certificate. Please email to discuss the specifics with this.)

  • And at the conclusion of CDA renewal classwork have at least 80 hours of experience with young children in the past year (This experience with young children could be either a paid or volunteer work experience. This could include, but is not limited to volunteering in a child care center, assisting with a Sunday school program, babysitting, working as an assistant teacher in a nursery school, leading a summer camp club, volunteering in an afterschool program, etc.)

Technology Requirements

  • Access to a computer on a regular basis (i.e. home, public library, work, church, etc.)
  • An internet connection (i.e. Verizon, America Online, NetZero, MSN, etc.)
  • A reliable internet account (i.e. hotmail, yahoo, etc.)
  • A telephone line, if using a dial-up internet connection
  • Access to a scanner (i.e. home. public library, work, Staples, etc.)

    Renewal Class Requirements

    Students will work approximately 45 hours on CDA coursework completion. Participants have up to six months to complete CDA renewal coursework in its entirety. Students can log on to and work toward coursework completion during the day, evening, weekends, and even holidays. As a new student enrolls with this will be their official start date. All CDA renewal students have six months from the official start date to submit all needed materials for approval.

    Renewal Material Requirements

  • “From Parents to Partners” written by Janis Keyster
Students order the textbook after beginning classes by calling 267-255-8911. Delivery takes about 14 business days. For exact pricing call our offices.
  • Renewal application packet from the CDA Council for Professional Recognition

Students order the CDA renewal application after beging classes by calling 267-255-8911. Delivery takes about 14 business days. For exact pricing call our offices.



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