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    Is a legitimate business?

    Yes we are. was established in 2006 to meet the growing need for CDA classwork for active educators. We have instructed hundreds of child care professionals throughout the world toward the obtainment of the nationally recognized CDA credential.’s corporate offices are located in Philadelphia, PA. is a recognized training agency by the Council for Professional Recognition and the American Safety and Health Institute. Our organization is also approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to offer Act-48 credits for CDA and CDA renewal coursework. Our instructional team includes individuals with higher education degrees and a wealth of knowledge in the early childhood field.’s president has been a Council for Professional Recognition council representative, a NAEYC validator and also was one of the NAEYC’s national governing board’s finalists in 2005.


    What are the goals of this class and the learning objectives?

      The goals for this class are as follows:
    • Students will get the hours and information needed to complete the 120 hours of coursework to fulfill the national Child Development Associate (CDA) requires set forth by the Council for Professional Recognition.
    • Students will learn more about the early childhood field as it pertains to the CDA credential.
    • Students will have a better understanding of child growth and development as it pertains to the CDA credential.

      The learning objectives for this class are as follows:
    • Students will complete 120 hours of training in the eight CDA subject areas as articulated by the Council for Professional Recognition.
    • Students will create a weekly lesson plan.
    • Students will create at minimum of three learning activities for young children.
    • Students will create a professional resume and cover letter


    What do I need to know if I am a prospective student from NYS?

    Our CDA program is currently approved by the NYS EIP scholarship program. Please contact the NYS EIP program directly at 518-442-6575 if you have questions about the approval process for yourself. If you have questions pertaining to completing the application for scholarship (i.e. address, instructor name, etc.) please contact us at 267-255-8911 and we can assist. Our online CDA program is the only program approved by NYS at this time. We do not offer other types of classes for NYS at this time.


    What the requirements for CDA course completion with

    Our students are to complete 120 hours of training during classes. The classes are separated into eleven modules. At the end of each module students will complete a brief quiz to check for understanding. After successful completion of classes students receive a certificate of completion from via email. Additionally students can print their certificate of completion from their student page for thirty days after course completion free of charge.


    What are the different components to’s CDA coursework?

    Our coursework contains the following components:

  • One-hundred and twenty training hours in eight key competency areas
  • Guidance in the creation of the CDA professional portfolio; including collection of the needed resource items
  • Mentoring in the completion of field advisor observation materials
  • Assistance in completion of the autobiography
  • Support in proper collection procedures of questionnaires
  • Assistance in the location of a mentor and observation location
  • Careful review of competency goal statements
  • Informative online chat sessions
  • Informative conference call sessions

    What is the timing for CDA training?

    Students will work approximately 120 hours on CDA coursework completion. Participants can complete coursework in as little as one month. Participants have up to twelve months to complete CDA coursework in its entirety. Students can log on to and work toward coursework completion during the day, evening, weekends, and even holidays. As a new student enrolls with this will be their official start date. All students have one year from the official start date to submit all needed materials for approval.

    How do I enroll in CDA coursework?

    Simply go to our application page.

    What are the costs associated with enrolling in CDA coursework?

    The cost associated with classes is as follows: tuition for classes, texbook and CDA application packet. For exact pricing please call our offices at 267-255-8911 or email

    What are the costs associated with submitting to the CDA Council at the end of the’s CDA training?

    All students need to apply to the CDA Council, in Washington D.C. for an assessment by a Council Representative. There is a fee for this assessment process, which most states have either a scholarship and/or a reimbursement program in place so that participants do not have to pay for this item. When you are enrolled in out program your instructor will assist you with locating potential scholarship opportunities.


    Does offer a payment plan option?

    Yes, offers a flexible payment plan option where you can start classes and make a small initial payment. Students can pay the remaining balance while working on coursework. All students are approved no matter their credit record and there is just a simple two page application to complete for the payment plan option. Call 267-255-8911 or email and request a payment plan application.


    How do I pay for CDA training?

    You can make payment by completing our application page application and get started with classes today! You can participate in our payment plan option which all applicants are approved. In many states there are tuition scholarships and/or reimbursement programs in addition to our payment plan option. Visit our state information page StateInfo to learn more about outside scholarship programs or call our offices and speak to an enrollment coordinator at 267-255-8911. There are many payment options available that can accommodate you and your specific financial needs. At we work with each applicant in need of the nationally recognized credential to make this dream a reality.

    What credit cards do you accept?

    We currently accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. We do not accept American Express (AMEX) at this time. If you have a AMEX and need to make payment please consider using an alternate card or purchasing a pre-paid card with the Vise, MasterCard or Discover card logos.

    How long does it take to become a Child Development Associate (i.e. obtain the CDA credential)?

    Our coursework of 120 hours of training takes approximately one to twelve months. After concluding our coursework students will submit their materials to the CDA Council for a Council Representative to assess their work. The CDA council takes approximately 2-3 months to assess CDA candidates.

    What if I have difficulty completing’s enrollment application?

    Contact us via email at and a representative will assist you with this application process.


    What if I am not happy with

    Participants in our program are truly happy with the quality online services that we provide. Please check our testimonials page to read what some of our students have said about If you joined and were not happy with our online program you can withdraw from classes at anytime. To check for refund eligibility simply email and requesting a refund for consideration if currently enrolled or read the agreement page to see specifics prior to enrollment. Individuals choosing the pay in full option are eligible for a refund, minus any registration fees as long as the refund request is completed via email at within 2 days (48 hours) of officially joining classes. We will promptly process your request and ensure you receive a refund for the tuition costs.






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