What Our Students Say:

"CDAClass.org has been wonderful. It is not easy to work full time and take classes, but being able to work at your own pace to receive a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential has taken pressure off of me. I enjoy the assignments because they enhance my learning in the early childhood field. I have been working with young children for 11 years now and will continue to do so. Therefore, this has been a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge in the profession that I am in." -Charity Armentrout, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

"Working with children is not easy. There are lots of procedures and rules a teacher needs to follow in order to help children learn to succeed. Child Development Associate (CDA) class has helped me understand the emotional, social and physical needs of children. It also widens my knowledge of teaching and helped me achieve my goal as a teacher. I recommend this experience to anyone who is thinking of spending their time in the classroom or opening their own day care center. Also, Training Learning and Consulting staff, especially Jennifer Smeddy, have been very helpful throughout my studies. I thank you for giving me this opportunity. Keep up the good work!" -Maria Forgione, South Brunswick, New Jersey

"CDAClass.org has truly helped me better understand children and their behaviors. I could not be more happy with the way the website is set up, the work, as well as the methods that are used by the staff. Everything that you could possibly hope for can be learned while taking class. The price is right as well. Thank you so much, CDAClass.org for helping me become an even better teacher!" -Michael Scali, Largo, Florida

"Taking this class on-line was great for me, it allowed me the flexibility to work at my own pace and to work at odd hours. I would sit at my computer early in the morning and late at night in my pajamas with a cup of coffee. You can't do that in a classroom. I had a year to finish this class but it only took me two months. I would come home from work, get on the computer and work away. I learned a lot and enjoyed bringing that into my classroom. I feel I will be an even better teacher now." -Debra Yoder, Oreland, Pennsylvania

"The great advantage of doing my CDA online is that I am able to work at my own pace, have a lot of time to do my research for my assignments and most of all I don’t feel like I am doing it on my own. I have the ability to email the instructor at any time with my concerns and I get a response in a timely manner. I have been recommending the course to people I know in day care centers. I hope more people will join." -Ivette Turner, North Port, Florida

"I enjoyed this class very much. I was so interested in the class that I couldn’t put the books down in my spare time. I also like the fact that the teacher Cherie was very good at looking at my work and giving me feedback if I needed to do more. Thank you so much for the help that I received and I would recommend this CDA class to anyone that was interested. I do have three of my colleagues who signed up for this course and they are enjoying it as well. Again the course was very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it." -Donna Targonski, Bloomfield, New Jersey

"CDAclass.org has truly been a wonderful school. This degree provides you with the skills you need to become the teacher you dreamed of; and enables you to feel confident in your teaching methods. I have just been promoted to a Lead Teacher in a private pre kindergarden class - a position that I was unable to acquire prior to CDAclass.org. Thank you CDAclass.org for making my teaching dream come true!" -Dolores Dechman, Saint Augustine, Florida

"CDAClass.org was the best course for me to take. I needed my licenses by May and now I have them in March. Thank you" -Mary Cheney, Titusville, Florida