What Our Students Say:

"I've learned so much with this program. It was easy to work with and fun at the same time. Everything is well organized. I am a day care teacher and I also work with children at my church. It has helped me work better and better each day with my students, nieces, goddaughters and all the beautiful children that are part of my life." -Natalia Gonzalez, Rockville Centre, New York

“I really appreciated the help I was able to receive from my instructors and the support that I got every step of the way. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to complete my work as fast or as slowly as I needed. I have devoted myself to an incredibly busy work life style and don't think I would've been able to commit to a class like this in person without sacrificing my current income. I do perform at my best when in a classroom-like setting but I still was very responsive to this program I believe. I thought instructor Ellyn was wonderful. Very patient with me when I didn't understand something and absolutely made herself readily available to help me with anything that I might have needed.” -Hudson Buster, Jacksonville, Florida

“This class was so easy to do online, as a single mom, time is hard to come by. My instructor was always very helpful when I had any questions. The amount of help and support you have going through this class is amazing. I liked how this was a self paced class. You could get this done as quick as you wanted, or you could take your time. I liked that you had 365 days from your start date to complete the class. I loved this class, I learned so much. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get their CDA to do it through this website!!” -Ashley Crull, Washington, Iowa

"Every time I had a question there was always someone available to answer my questions or help with any problem. I was able to work on it at my own pace and I was able to work day and night. I would recommend this to anyone." -Adriana Nevarez, Rawlins, Wyoming

"I liked best being able to work at my own pace. If I had deadlines where assignments are due during the week I would have missed some of them." -Brenda Cowles, Washington, District of Columbia

"I have really enjoyed taking the classes on-line. It was fun and I was able to get all of my class work done in six weeks! I work full-time as a Family Child Care Provider, I am the President of a family child care association, married and have family. I have been trying to get my classes in for 6 months at my local Child Care Resource and Referral. I know now that I will be able to have my CDA by the end of this year. I thought it would take me 2 years. I have to say when I finished my courses I was sad because I have really learned a lot over the last few weeks. I would highly recommend CDAClass.org to anyone that wants get their CDA in less than a year. It wouldn't been possible without CDAClass.org." -Debbi Crosby, Taylorsville, Utah

"I enjoyed the step by step classes set at my own pace. The responses of the instructors and everyone as CDAClass.org was helpful indeed. I will return if needed for the renewal of my CDA." -Marcia Acevedo, Bridgeport, Connecticut

"When I graduated college I received my degree in Business Management. When I was expecting my first child I resigned so that I could stay home and raise my children. After 13 years of raising my children I slowly entered the "real" world again through assisting in my youngest child's nursery school. I always had a natural way with children and really enjoyed the work. I went on to become head teacher and decided to go back to school. That was such a hard thing to do. I took two classes and told my director that this was very demanding on my schedule at the time. When the opportunity was offered of the CDA class online I was hesitant but decided to try. I am so glad I did. It is so great because you really can work this program around your schedule. It is very informative and the feed back you receive from the instructors are very encouraging. Thank you for making my goals in teaching so obtainable." -Lori Lofaro, Pleasantville, New Jersey

"I enjoy CDA classes with CDAClass.org. It provides the flexibility I need with a busy life of two children and work. I find that every spare minute I have to myself I can't wait to get on the computer and get to work on my checklist. It also allows me to work at my own pace which I love. The instructors are always there with answers to any questions or advice you might need. I recommend this program for anyone who wants to get their CDA credential." -Shira Schuberg, Oceanside, New York

"With very attentive and responsive teachers, my experience with cdaclass.org is considered one of high motivation and empowerment. This class has moved me from a "nanny" into a professional childcare provider. I don't only feel better as a provider but I am now competent and also more marketable as I utilize acquired skills and knowledge. Thanks to Jennifer Smeddy and the entire crew, I am now ready to conquer the childcare field! Providers, it's time to soar! Let this class be your start." -Kurline Clerment, Brooklyn, New York