The Importance of Illustration Books

Reading illustration books to children before bedtime, during lunchtime, and during rest time is important because it is beneficial to their early developmental stages. At an early age, Children learn mostly from visuals such as the alphabet, seasons, colors, and shapes because the images grab their attention easily and help them memorize things.

Physical Books

The more you read illustration books to a child, the more likely the child is going to pick up a book rather than a tablet. This allows time for you and the child to create memories together. During my experience of being a babysitter, I’ve learned that reading creates bonds and builds relationships between a child and their siblings, parents, teachers, and even babysitters.

Focus on New Concepts

Illustration books are a great way for children to learn new people, places, and concepts. This motivates the child to become more curious by feeling comfortable asking the reader questions, which builds the child’s social skills and sense of observation. Visuals show expression and provide context clues, making it helpful for children to comprehend the narrative and enjoy the story more.

Emotional Development

Children build their emotional skills by being emotionally connected with the mood and movement of the character. Illustration books show the child how to solve their problems by showing dialogues and techniques that will help them solve them. For instance, illustration books can teach children how to wash their hands properly and how to use the potty. The vibrant colors and detailed images enhance a child’s creative imagination. While reading illustration books the child will begin to start imagining their own adventure. This encourages kids to think out of the box and go above and beyond.

Drawing Skill Improvement

Visuals influence children to work on their drawing skills and enjoy arts and crafts. Illustration books are significant; for that reason, I encourage you to make reading fun by introducing children to illustration books. 

This blog was created by Elyza Deleon who is a current Child Development Associate (CDA) student with Elyza has been working with children for eight years as a babysitter for a family in Manhattan, New York. She hopes to open a Group Family Daycare at her home once she completes her CDA. Additionally, she enjoys reading, seeing children grow, and traveling the world.