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The Importance of Illustration Books

Reading illustration books to children before bedtime, during lunchtime, and during rest time is important because it is beneficial to their early developmental stages. At an early age, Children learn mostly from visuals such as the alphabet, seasons, colors, and shapes because the images grab their attention easily and help them memorize things. Physical Books

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Routines Rule

In our chaotic world, parenting young children can be challenging. We are all busy with everyday life. However, there is one important tool that we all can use: routines. Websters defines routine as: a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program, or the usual series of things that you do at a particular time.

Routines for Children & the Importance of Routines 

As a mother and a teacher, I have noticed one very specific thing about young children – they thrive with a routine. After a while of having my own child and working with other children, I have come to recognize the importance and how much of a difference having a routine makes in transitioning from