Sign Language in childcare is important for every young child’s development 

Learning Sign Language

Sign language in childcare is extremely beneficial to a child’s development. I will lay out some specifics for why it can be beneficial and why it is necessary for every child’s growth.

Language Barrier

At the facility I work at we have some children who do not speak English very well. This is what has pushed me to learn more about sign language. In our facility, we use signs as well as speaking so all children understand what is being said. We have taught all our children how to use signs, this way all children have a tool for easier communication. This has improved any outburst the young children have because they can understand what is being said. Also, it allows the child to communicate their feelings properly.

Reduces Outbursts, and Boosts confidence

Young children who are newly learning how to communicate have a hard time being understood. This is where sign language comes in. If children learn how to sign they can be more independent and can communicate without the frustration of being misunderstood. When children can communicate and convey their feelings they are less outbursts, which makes any setting more enjoyable for everyone.

Child development

Sign language is amazing for a child’s development. Children learn quicker when a sign is associated with a word. So not only can you increase your child’s vocabulary by introducing signs, but you are also giving that child a voice of their own. This helps young children communicate what they are trying to say.

Keeping attention

One of the important skills needed for learning sign language is the ability to focus on what the other person is trying to sign. Therefore in teaching a child sign language, you are teaching them how to focus and observe the world around them

This blog was created by Megan Booher who is a current Child Development Associate (CDA) student with Megan has been working with children for 5 years at Kids Rule Daycare in Fairview, Utah as an assistant teacher. She is currently acting Director at her facility working on a granted variance from the state until she completes her CDA. Additionally, she enjoys spending time with her child and online designing.