3 Activities for Winter Fun!

The cold is officially here and that means more time indoors, which can lead to boredom. Let’s make it fun and exciting for our toddlers and preschoolers!

Snowman Names – Build a snowman using white circle cut-outs (paper or construction paper). Incorporating name-writing (and reading) into a variety of lessons is not only fun but crucial to early childhood learning. That’s why when teaching letters, we typically start with the letters of a child’s name. Your kiddos will be so proud of displaying their name in snowman form! And, because each circle displays a separate letter, it’s an excellent way to reinforce that individual letters make up words, including our names!

Snowball Alphabet Sorting – Using white circle cutouts that look like snowballs (or snowflakes if you are creative!), label each one with letters from the alphabet. I always encourage the kids to say the sounds the letters make as they sort and place them. You can also do some engaging adaptations such as hiding letters in a sensory bin or creating a scavenger hunt where kids can find the letters around the room and then place them on the appropriate sorting mat.

Snowball Fight (Counting!) – Grab a few bags of cotton balls, and let the kids have fun! You can use them first as a counting activity. Add 1 cotton ball here, and one here. How many now? If I take one away? How many in all? The options are endless, and can be easily differentiated to any age or level. When you are done with the math lesson, let the kids enjoy a fun indoor snowball fight!