Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children’s Development

benefit of outdoor play and children's development

Outdoor play is important for every child, especially at a young age. The benefits of outdoor play for children’s development. Outdoor play can help to show the pleasure of physical activity, all good building different skills. The outdoors for children has endless opportunities for children to express themselves through imagination, gain knowledge and appreciation for nature as a whole, and burn energy!

Expression through Outdoor Play

Throughout the outdoor play, children are allowed to express themselves in a variety of ways through imagination. It lets children be creative by allowing them to create their own games, stories, and rules. Imagination is important in early development as it encourages cognitive and social development. It promotes representational thought in children and helps with problem-solving when playing with other children. Children learn social rules through outdoor play. Additionally, children learn how to take turns during outdoor play and outdoor pretend play.

Outdoor Learning Opportunities

The outdoors not only is a playground for imagination but can be a learning opportunity to teach children about nature. The outdoors is a classroom. Exploring outdoors has a variety of learning aspects such as bugs, plants, weather, and so much more! As a teacher not only are you getting your students outside, but you are also getting to teach them in an environment rich with new information in a fun and exciting way. 

Fresh Air and Freedom

When children play outside, it allows them to get fresh air and feel a sense of freedom. The best practice is 60 minutes of physical activity for all young children. Outdoor play clears the mind and prepares children for indoor learning as well. Every child needs physical activity and there is no better place than the outdoors to explore and learn all while burning off some of that energy. 

This blog was created by Jayden K. Jezewski who is a current Child Development Associate (CDA) student with Jayden has been working with children for three years at the Dow Bay Area YMCA Childcare, in Bay City, Michigan as an assistant teacher. She is perusing a degree from Saginaw Valley State University in Elementary Education. Additionally, she enjoys crafting and the outdoors. 

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