Benefits of Raising a Bilingual/Multilingual Child

The benefits of raising a Bilingual/Multilingual child are many. We live in a country full of multiple cultures that open different opportunities and a more diverse career path for our children. Having a child learn different languages increases their brain power. Additionally, multi-language teaches children about different cultures, how to multitask, solve problems, and have better focus skills. A child’s brain, at the age of 0-3, is uniquely suited to learn a second language. Children can easily detect a switch in a language as early as 6 months old. Children can absorb sound, structure, intonation patterns, and rules of a language quickly.

Things to do when raising a Multilingual/Bilingual child

Some things to do while raising your child is talking to them in your native language, for example, if your house whole is a multi-language house then divide the languages if you speak German talk to them in German and if your partner speaks Spanish have them talk to the child in Spanish, yes English is the primary language in this country which you can do when you guys are all together and they will learn that in school. Read books and play games with children in this language.

Again, the benefits of raising a Bilingual/Multilingual child are many. Once they get older give them a chance to express themself in that language and help them understand the benefits. Bilingual children have greater social understanding; they have a better experience of others’ perspectives, thoughts, and desires. Begin early even before the baby is born, a study has shown that newborns cry in the accent of their native language. If you’re a parent that only speaks one language don’t be discouraged there are still ways to raise a child this way, you would have to be more intentional, and one way to do so is you can learn along with your child among other ways.

This blog was created by Claudia Mendoza, a current Child Development Associate (CDA) student with Claudia has been working with children as a nanny for the past 5 years to different families in the great Los Angeles Area. She hopes to one day have her own childcare center. Claudia enjoys
spending time with her family and her 2-year-old dog.