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Getting Ready for the New School Year!

September (and sometimes August depending on where you live) brings the start of a new school year for many children. Enrollment in September for preschoolers and younger, tend to rise as many stay-at home parents tend to go back to work and after many children have had their summer birthdays. For early childhood educators, this

The Learning Environment

A part of earning your Child Development Associate credential, is demonstrating competence in various areas. As an early childhood educator, provides specific assignments geared for educating CDA teachers and educators in these competency areas. One such important area of focus, is the learning environment. Early childhood daycare centers and family center homes, need to

Lifelong Readers

Happy New Year, Early Childhood Educators! With the New Year comes many hopes and ambitions to better ourselves, or better those around us. For some, this include wanting to dedicate more time to reading. This could mean both professionally in your early childhood work, educationally in your endeavors, or personally perhaps with children in

Keeping it Positive!

Hi Early Childhood Professionals! This month’s edition is on keeping things positive in your classroom. This is sometimes a challenge when you have one (or two, or three, or more) students who will just not cooperate. It is easier to turn to the negative: “Stop doing that!” “NO!” “You can’t do that!” In an effort


Professionalism in Emails

Hello, childcare professionals. In today’s world we often default to ‘slang language’ or ‘text talk’. In a matter of seconds we can ask and answer questions with our peers. Email appears to be a common place for this kind of language, and although it may be great to use when sending that hilarious video to