Child Development Made Simple: What You Need to Know!

Caring for a child can be difficult for new parents, but it can become even more challenging as the child grows and their behavior becomes unpredictable. Juggling daily tasks while managing unexpected outbursts can be particularly daunting, especially in public places like a grocery store. YIKES! New parents need to stay informed and prepared for these situations. Parents can keep a stress-free life for themselves and their children in many ways. And remembering, it all starts with YOU. Child development, made simple.

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Being hands-on with your child can be one of the easiest things you can do to help your child grow. Seeing your child grow and develop many interests can be exciting as parents. It is essential to have a healthy relationship with your child. It can help the child understand what it feels like to be loved by the parents. When you, as a parent, respond to your child attentively and assertively by standing your ground, you show the child they can come to you. But they should also understand they won’t get away with anything just because you are their parent. It helps them validate their feelings by being heard and understood while trying to find a solution to their “problem.” 

Letting your child explore and not be afraid to try new things can also be another way to expand your child’s development. Sometimes as parents, it can be hard to let your child get a little “dirty” because you are afraid of anything happening to your child. By letting your child explore, you can help by expanding their social skills, fine and gross motor skills, and creative liberties. Introduce them to things they have not seen before, whether they are an infant or a toddler. It will help build on their self-confidence and slowly become comfortable with having things around them, etc.

This blog was created by Ivette Torrealba Garcia, a current Child Development Associate (CDA) student with Ivette has been working with children for four years at Freedom Academy in Phoenix, AZ as a paraprofessional. She hopes to have a daycare once she completes her CDA.  Furthermore, she enjoys dancing and being home with her dog Chiquita.