Spoil That Baby – Infant Love and Attention 

Infant Love and Attention

A child needs more than food and shelter. Social and emotional attention is essential for a child’s development. It is important to allow a child to have a trusting relationship with a caregiver. Infant love and attention help to develop his or her behavior, emotional, and social skills. Attention supports the child so they can learn to build on these on their own as they grow. Providing infant love and attention creates a lifetime of positive attachment.

Why it’s infant love and attention important 

A child’s primary caregivers have an insurmountable influence on children in early childhood, even in infants! A baby learns their very first social skills and emotional comfort from a caregiver. A trusted adult holds and watches their child, aiding their attachment and growth. Also, a consistent caregiver builds trust in their relationship has been proven to be beneficial. Furthermore, children who have had supportive and engaging relationships in early childhood have shown fewer behavior problems.  

How can you set children up for success?

Feeding, clothing, and diapering aren’t the only basic needs of an infant and toddler. Additionally, high-quality care involves support and attention to a child’s feelings and an understanding that a child is a person who depends on someone to show them how to thrive through interaction and tender attention. Ways to develop emotional and social skills in early childhood include:

  • Mimicking and speaking to a child
  • Understanding and promptly responding to a baby’s cues
  • Smiling at and praising each child individually 
  • Holding and comforting a child
  • Playing games that encourage physical and logical development 

Remember, you are not spoiling that sweet baby, you are setting them up for success!

This blog was created by Taylee Bailey, who is a current Child Development Associate (CDA) student with CDAClass.org. Taylee works with children ages 6 weeks to 12 months as an Assistant Infant Teacher. Additionally, she is a first-time mom.