Patience with Young Children

patience with young children

Having patience with young children and kids is something that definitely needs to be in the back of everybody’s mind. If you don’t remember to stay calm and be patient it’s possible a child may not want to be so outgoing and friendly in the future.

It can be hard sometimes to stop and listen when a child wants to tell you something that is very important to them or help you with a task that may have taken half the time if you did it alone. However, this act of patience and kindness will help the child grow and be open in the future.

Something to remember is your attitude matters when interacting with young children. If you don’t want help with a task and you just say no it could be more difficult for the child to want to help or put in the effort for fear of being turned down in the future. Patience is huge with children, especially very young children, as well as a positive attitude.

Fostering Mental Health and Child Growth

Let’s not forget the focus on health and mental health as these little ones are learning. As they grow and learn who they are as well as learn their ABC’s, both are very important. I believe their environment at home and at school has a huge impact on both their health and mental health. That’s why positive attitudes, patience, and kindness are so important. 

Talking at Eye-Level Models Patience with Young Children

One of the important things with connecting with a child is to get down on their level. Don’t be afraid to get down on the floor to play and show sincere affection. Not all kids get that and it’s a great way to earn their trust. Also, when you have that kind of patience it helps the environment be softer and easy going. Kids mimic everything adults do, so building trust is important. Children will copy your anger so always show kindness. That makes for a stressful workplace and more tension for the day, no one wants that. Just remember to breathe and show a calm face and everyone will have a better day. I know sometimes easier said than done but it just makes things less stressful for everyone.

This blog was created by Carolin Jones who is a current Child Development Associate (CDA) student with

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