How to Promote Independence in Children

Encouraging children to be independent is a natural way of growing up, and could gain their confidence and self-control. There are multiple ways to promote independence in children and show children how to be independent by involving them in decision-making, attending new activities by themselves, telling them mistakes happen, and praising them when they attempt new activities. 

Involving Children in Decision Making

Children who are involved in decision-making improve their problem-solving, safety, and evaluation of consequences. To demonstrate responsible decision-making, children need to learn skills in critical thinking, open mind, judgment, reason, problem-solving, and solving. In every decision they should not just think of themselves, they should also include their peers. Children should be able to understand how making a decision could affect them and their peers. Making decisions helps children develop leadership and cooperation. 

Letting Children Learn New Activities by Themselves

Encouraging children to do activities by themselves could boost their confidence and push them to make decisions for themselves in the future. Make sure that they know it is okay to make mistakes and to come up with a different solution. Give children enough praise when attempting a new challenge or activity. Have them be your little helper by telling them to pass out cups or paper to their peers. Kids need to learn what their dislikes and likes are to get to know themselves. Encourage them to find activities that interest them. 

Telling Children Mistakes Are Okay

Make sure to let children know mistakes are very common, and that there can be a solution. If they ever feel overwhelmed by their mistake, have them sit back and take a deep breath. Once they feel better, sit with them and take them step by step on how to resolve the issue. 

Make Sure to Give Enough Praise

Praising children could boost their confidence and self-control in the future. Supported children achieve whatever they set their minds on. Attempting hard activities will help them think positively. Motivate them to try new activities even when it is challenging. Make sure to recognize their achievements and how to positively approach a task. 

This blog was created by Diana Bueno-Olivas who is a current student with Diana has been working with children at North Vernon Daycare in North Vernon, Indiana. She hopes to become a teacher’s assistant once she completes her CDA. In the meantime, she will enjoy caring for her children as a stay-at-home mom and childcare helper at Imagination Daycare.