Reviewing Homework Successfully


Hello childcare professionals! For this month, I wanted to talk to you about the importance of reviewing your work. As educators, we are constantly providing students and their caregivers written information. We want that information to have correct spelling and grammar, and most importantly make sense! In this class, you are provided ample opportunities to showcase your written language. My goal for all of you this month is to take the extra time to read through your work. This could be an online assignment, an email, or a newsletter sent home to your families. I know this time of year can be busy, but by taking five minutes to review your work, you end up saving time in the long run. Fewer corrections will need to be made, and you will not need to explain yourself because you will get your point across on the first try.

A few tips when reviewing your work:

Spell Check! These days we are very fortunate to have spell check on most of our devices. The link below goes over how to set up spell check in Microsoft word.

Print it out! If you find yourself having difficulty catching mistakes in your writing, print your document out and read it out loud. You will be able to hear if something sounds funny, or you have many run- on sentences.

Phone a friend! By having someone else read over your work, they will be able to find mistakes that you may not pick up on.

Grammarly! This link locates words that are spelled correctly, but used in the wrong context.

My biggest piece of advice when submitting work or sending an email is to keep it SIMPLE! There are always times to embellish, but be mindful of what you are being asked and the main points you want to get across to the reader. If you have any handy tips that you use to edit your work, send them over to your instructor so we can let other students in on the secret!

-Instructor Ellyn