Top 3 Ways to Stay Cool in Preschool!

Summer has arrived, and sometimes it is nice to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning. Sometimes, we want to be outside and enjoy the summer weather that we had been waiting for all winter long. Then, sometimes, we are too hot to be out and want to go back inside! Here are some ways to stay cool and enjoy the warm summer air.

Instead of a water balloon fight, which can be loud, can hurt, and can be difficult to organize, consider a water sponge bomb. Gather a few dish sponges, and cut each one into fourths. Taking 8 pieces (2 sponges), layer each piece on top of another, but on an angle. Tie fishing line around the middle, so it makes it look like you have a sponge ball with 8 pieces sticking out. Now, let the kids soak the sponges in a bucket of water, or a water table. They can draw on the ground with the sponges, throw them, squeeze them and pour them over one another!

Make a Tin Foil River! Gather an extra-long and wide sheet of aluminum foil, curve the edges so water will not overflow. Lay the foil lengthwise along the ground, and even better if the ground is slightly slanted. Fill the foil with a thin layer of water. Allow children to float items like toy boats, cars, bottle caps, etc. along the river. Kids will get wet and learn about how things move, sink, and float!

Balloon Sprinkles are easy and fun! Fill extra-large balloons with as much water as you think they can hold. Tie the balloons along a clothesline. Carefully, poke a hole with a small (but sharp) pin in the bottom of each balloon. The water will slowly leak out, and children can walk under, back and forth, getting wet!

Of course there is always the traditional balloon fight, water gun fight, water table, and slip-n-slide activities. But these can liven things up and are sometimes less messy (no pieces of balloons to pick up). Remember, kids do not need much to have fun. Sometimes just a regular garden hose or sprinkler is enough to let their imaginations run wild! Have fun and stay cool!