Top 5 Ways to Be Culturally Sensitive in Your Childcare Classroom!

Written by: Instructor Tiffany

It is nearly impossible to never face a question surrounding religion, holidays, traditions, etc. when working with young children. As an early childhood educator, you have more than likely had your fair share of conversations with children that maybe you feel uncomfortable, or perhaps you were unsure how to answer without being insensitive or culturally educated. Below I have a list of ways to implement culturally responsive instruction, that will hopefully accommodate all.
1. Take a look around your classroom and decide in which ways you could integrate cultural traditions of all children in your care, and even those not in currently in your care. Familiarize yourself with these cultures so you can be fully informed.
2. Add classroom visuals that reflect racial and ethnic diversity into your classroom. Avoid stereotypes, but look for images that provide a true reflection of a specific culture.
3. Incorporate books with multicultural themes and different perspectives. Invite families from various cultures to be a guest reader. And perhaps that family can share a special piece of information about their culture.
4. Take interest in children’s lives outside of school and ask them question about their community events and traditions.
5. Integrate ethnic art, music, and games into your daily routines in the classroom. This will add a lot of fun, while being educational! Reach out to caretakers within your school for ideas! However you celebrate, I wish you and yours all the best this holiday season!