Top 5 Ways to Fight the Winter Blues with Little Ones

As if our world has not already been turned upside down due to the COVID-19 virus, we are still adjusting to many different changes, including weather changes! When our world shut down last spring, we were still hopeful that our summer days would bring us normal activities and time with family and friends. As we can see, the virus is still affecting our day-to-day living, and is now interfering with our holidays. Add the colder months and darker days of winter, and it is easy to slip into a “funk” of unmotivated behaviors.

Here are some ways to help beat those winter blues, even during this pandemic:

  1. Go Outside – Although we should not be around others, we are allowed, and encouraged, to still take walks, ride bikes, etc. outdoors whenever possible. Yes, you can wear a mask, and yes, you can social distance by avoiding crowded areas. Take in the cool winter air and sunshine as much as possible to break up the monotony.
  2. Let the Light In – Be sure to open all blinds and curtains whenever possible. Letting in the natural light is an organic way of staying healthy and feeling refreshed!
  3. Plan a Trip – This doesn’t need to be extravagant, but think about planning a day trip to a nearby park, or even a National Park. Pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoors. Play “I Spy” games and talk about what you find in nature.
  4. Schedules – Sticking to a schedule and a routine is especially critical for our little ones. If they are attending in-person school/day care, it is important to keep them on the regular schedule as much as possible. This includes maintaining a consistent bedtime and nap time if applicable. Remember that kids thrive on predictability and are relying on you to keep things normal for them!
  5. Comfort Food – We all love our comfort foods. I know I love mine! Remember that these are important too, but should be handled with moderation just like anything else. Most comfort foods include pastas, breads, sugars, etc. While always yummy, they actually cause fatigue. Be sure to indulge once in a while, but maintain a healthy lifestyle as much as possible, which is key to your mental health!

Remember to look at the positives that have come from our current situation. The sudden knowledge of technology we all had to gain is incredible. Let’s use that to our advantage and stay in touch through zoom sessions with family and friends. Laughter is the best medicine!