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Inclusion is for Everyone

Hi Early Childhood Educators! This monthly installment is going to revolve around working with children with special needs. The month of April is often identified as Autism Awareness month, but brings awareness to many of the children we encounter who often need special accommodations. As an educator working in the early childhood field, whether it


Using Google Docs for CDA Class

As educators, you are continuously coming up with new ideas for lesson plans, decorating the class room and planning events for families to showcase your students’ work. It can be overwhelming, and that it why it so important to have a variety of resources! During the Child Development Associate (CDA) program we require an assignment

Play All Day?

Hi Educators! Working in the early childhood education field, whether directly in a daycare setting, family home care, or some other form of childcare, it is important to remember that the concept of PLAY helps promote healthy child development in many areas. In fact, according to the Journal of Pediatrics, (Ginsburg, 2007), “play is essential

Embracing the Uniqueness of Your Students

This past month, I had an opportunity to look over an assignment from a fellow student. In her desire to complete her early childhood education courses with, she took an approach to an assignment in an entirely different way I had not expected, nor had I ever considered. I have been working with

Incorporating the Olympics into your Curriculum

February was always the most difficult month for me to plan a fun unit for my kindergarten classroom. Other than Valentine’s Day, I would grasp at straws to find something fun to do. Although it’s only every two years, incorporating the Olympics into your curriculum can be so much fun! I always started the unit


The Importance of Movement in the Classroom

I was speaking with a fellow educator recently about her biggest challenges in the classroom. She mentioned that many of the children have a very difficult time being seated for extended periods of time during the day. Although she teaches in a middle school setting, I thought that this idea was also relevant to the

Lifelong Readers

Happy New Year, Early Childhood Educators! With the New Year comes many hopes and ambitions to better ourselves, or better those around us. For some, this include wanting to dedicate more time to reading. This could mean both professionally in your early childhood work, educationally in your endeavors, or personally perhaps with children in

Top 5 Book Ideas

With the season of gift giving quickly approaching, think about giving a gift that will have more meaning than a toy that lights up or a toy car that makes noise. As an early childhood educator, you can give a fun gift that can last a lifetime; books! At, we want to encourage our

Class Dojo

Hello Educators! I have been in the early childhood education field for over 15 years and everyday I am learning something new! If there is one thing I remember most from every CDA class I teach, it is that we all learn best from one another. A few years ago, I was introduced to Class