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5 Websites to Keep Kids Actively Learning

Our situation is surely different right now. Our country as whole, and our entire world for that matter, have been flipped upside down. I cannot even begin to understand what your current home life situation may be, but hopefully, this blog will bring you some useful information. For those of you stuck at home with

Pumpkin Time

  As Summer ends and Autumn creeps in, we see tons of pumpkin flavored food/drink being put back in seasonal menus such as pumpkin spiced latte, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin spiced cheerios, pumpkin spiced chocolates. So for this month, I would like to introduced a recipe that cannot get more pumpkin flavored than Pumpkin

Yogurt Fruit Pops – Cooking Activity

The weather is heating up and we found just the right way to cool down while making it fun for the kids! The recipe for this month are yogurt fruit pops! To get started with this fun activity have your kids share with each other their favorite fruit. Then, we can show them how to

Ellyn’s Craft Corner

Ellyn’s Craft Corner Can you believe that summer is already knocking at our door?! With the new summer months, I wanted to start a craft segment, so teachers that work throughout the summer would have some fresh, new crafts to pull from and teachers planning for the fall can find some inspiration. Personally, I LOVE

Tuning into Self

As an educator, it is usually expected of us to naturally love all children. Yes, even those ones who drive you crazy, it is still your job to nurture that child and provide for him or her a foundation of acceptance. In the real world however, we know that things can get in the way.

Wrapping Up a School Year

Some schools transition children all throughout the year, and some have a formal “move-up” day or graduation. There seem to be more and more Pre-K graduations these days than ever before. Although exciting, this can make for a more stressful time of year for early childhood educators. While some classrooms are filled with rehearsals, and


Gardens in the Classroom

Have you ever considered growing a garden in your classroom? Or maybe you have already had success! I personally have not been blessed with a green thumb, but I love the idea of having children plant, and nurture, to learn a variety of responsibilities. Not to mention, a beautiful (or delicious) reward may come at


Obstacle Course Time!

I am thrilled about the warmer weather that is starting to set in, hopefully it is here to stay! I was thinking this month about how much fun I used to have as a child creating and executing obstacle courses when it was nice enough to go outside. There are so many ways you can

Indoor Recess? No Problem!

With the winter months, comes many inclement weather days for our young learners. This can also lead to an over-abundance of built up energy for our little ones when they are not provided with enough engaging, gross motor activities. The CDA Council prides itself on 13 functional areas, and one of them include Functional Area


Winter Outdoors!

As it begins to get chilly this time of year, I like to think of different ways to encourage kiddos to play outside! As educators, you know that children have A LOT of energy! They need the time to expend their energy, but it can be tricky to keep their interest when they are cold!