Our Little Busy Bees

Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder is the most common neurodevelopmental disorder in children. Symptoms include hyperactivity/impulsivity that affects each child differently. Children living with symptoms such as losing things, being easily distracted, and forgetful are quite common in children starting at the age of 6 to 12. ADHA can also be diagnosed when a child becomes a teenager. Regarding emotions children with ADHD show their emotions and desires more then the rest of the children, so feeling angry, frustrated, and being hostile have to be controlled so that their social relationships are healthy.

Growing up the best remedy for a child that was hyperactive was to put them in an activity. My favorite was outdoor activities that requires children to go from one activity to another. It also teaches our children about space, children with ADHD need lots of space, freedom, and the opportunity to use all that extra energy. One of the most challenging outdoor activities used for kids with ADHD would be a Scavenger Hunt. You can make them as simple as possible or as complex as you would like. Girls present ADHD differently than boys. Girls tend to struggle with inattentiveness while boys tend to be hyperactive. So, let those little girls jump rope is fun, portable, and improves coordination. And why not bring out the water balloons in the summer a water balloon fight for boys with ADHD is a fun way for kids to practice their throwing skills.

In addition to the reasons above to engage in outdoor activities supports children with a dose of vitamin D from the sun. From playing in the house or backyard doing more organized activities, there is always something to do with your children that is fun and good for them. Parents and caretakers can also benefit tremendously from spending time outside with their beloved children.

Monica M. Moore