CDA Council Portfolio – RC II

Infant and Toddler Resource Collection:

RC II – Nine Developmentally Appropriate Learning Experiences

Working through your CDA program, you get into your second resource collection requirement for the CDA Council Portfolio. Specifically, CDA Council Portfolio – RC II. Nine learning experiences or activities that are developmentally appropriate for infants and toddlers. Depending on your curriculum-creating experience, this could either take you a few hours or a few days.

Formatting, Formatting, Formatting

Formatting is important as you get ready to lay out all the requirements. I found it helpful to create an outline. Then fill in sections as you choose your age group and activities. Additionally, our CDA application packet will give you all of the details you need.

Your Nine Activities Will Cover These Areas:

Three Learning Experiences for Each Age Group

You’ll need three learning experiences for each age groupInfant, mobile infant, and toddler. It helps to bullet point each activity. Also, include the required information as your assignment outline asks for it so that you make sure you hit each requirement and it’s easily referenced for future use!

For example:

RCII – (area of the learning experience): Title

  • Age Group:
  • List of Materials Needed:
  • Goal: (Students will be able to…)
  • Explanation of Learning Experience: (Step by Step Process)
  • How this is Developmentally Appropriate: (How does your activity need the needs of a child in this specific age group)

After your paper is outlined, search for fun activities within those learning areas! A great place for reference is Additionally, students have highlighted fun activities you can use.

Using Activity Books and the Internet

You can also browse the internet. Also, activity books that you have on hand can be helpful. If you have an early childhood education coach, they may have resources. Chose activities that have options for different learners. Furthermore, you can alter activities to meet your specific age group too.

DAP is Important

So, you may need to research how aspects of your activity related to specific developmental milestones associated with your chosen age group. Additionally, the CDC has a great guide to developmental milestones associated with each age group and the NAEYC has great resources about developmentally appropriate practices that I utilized for a lot of these activities. 

In conclusion, enjoy the search with the CDA Council Portfolio – RC II! Finally, think of the kids in your care and what they’d like to do!   

This blog was written by Jordan Pond. Jordan is the parent of two daughters and is currently a Child Development Associate student with Additionally, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Sterling College, KS and has worked with children for 3 years in various settings. Jordan is a director-in-training for Peru Day Care in Peru, NE