Covid Busters

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected millions of people worldwide. Covid in childcare centers has been on the mind of parents and teachers alike. Healthcare workers everywhere taking care of those patients have been themselves facing great challenges physically and mentally. Not knowing much about this new virus, healthcare workers did not know how to approach it and how to treat it. The virus is extremely contagious, and many people have had Covid worldwide. This virus has affected the healthcare industry and every possible business. Covid is affecting the childcare industry as well.

These days kids as young as two-year-old are required to wear a face mask. There is also social distance required, and kids can’t interact and play as they were before. Kids are reminded to keep their 6 feet distance and being a child that can be very difficult to do. It is also very difficult for the children to see the expressions on the teacher’s faces due to the wearing of the mask. Kids have felt uncertainty and anxiety, not fully understanding what is going on. Parents face fears of Covid in childcare centers. Staying safe and following CDC guidelines is the best way to deal with covid. Everyone doing their part can keep us all safe from Covid.

How to Reduce Covid in Childcare Centers:

  • Sanitizing the surfaces when a child is done playing in that certain space or done playing with that certain toy, will greatly improve our chances of not getting covid in childcare centers.
  • Minimizing outings in large crowds will also reduce your chance of getting covid infected.
  • Additionally, in a daycare center washing hands for 20 seconds very often as per CDC guidelines will greatly reduce our chances of getting covid infected.

It sure is a difficult time for kids to be kids but being safe and protected from Covid is the number one priority on everyone’s mind these days. 

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