Health and Safety

Outdoor play

When choosing a child care center, it is important to look for evidence that your child’s health and safety will be a priority. Looking for a licensed program is one step you can take to help choose a safe place for your child. Rules and regulations are also very important, the daycare that providers should be properly screened for past criminal activity.

Child care program quality depends on many factors. One of the most important aspects for a provider is education and training. All adults caring for children should receive training on key health and safety topics.

Health and safety in early childhood education are important for numerous reasons. Early childhood programs keep children safe when their facilities, materials, and equipment are hazard-free and all staff uses safety practices, such as active supervision. I think finding as well as funding and good resources to help staff and families reduce the number and severity of childhood injuries everywhere will allow children to learn and grow even more.

Donyell Jones