First Day of Preschool

First Day of Preschool

Starting something new isn’t always easy. Some of us as adults have a hard time starting new things so you could only imagine the feeling as a child. Preschool is often a big first for both parent and child. Hunting for the right preschool isn’t always easy for the parent with the pressure of making sure their child will be in a healthy and safe environment. 

Children want to feel safe when entering a new environment. Although safety for parents is more practical as opposed to children it’s more of a feeling. What can be done in the classroom to ensure the safety of students? Maintaining a very clean space is always key. Ensure your space is free of clutter. Classroom organization is important. To make a child feel safe, give them a sense of belonging with their own labeled cubby. Simply make your classroom a fun and inviting space where they know they can be themselves all while having fun and learning. 

Safety and Cleanliness in the Classroom

The safety of a classroom goes hand in hand with the health of students. It is important that children understand the importance of health and cleanliness. Working with kids often means a lot of hands-on activity and we know that germs carry. Children should wash their hands. Sanitize toys and other classroom objects daily. This sanitization eliminates the spread of germs. Every classroom should also have a fully stocked first aid kit in case of emergencies. 

Rules and Routine

Rules, consistency, and routine also enhance a feeling of safety and security for children. A consistent routine eliminates an elevated level of anxiety for some children, allowing them to know what comes next in their day without having to guess. As educators we should be willing to take the necessary steps to ensure our students’ answer can be yes when questioning, am I safe here?

This blog was created by Tiffani Joynes who is a current Child Development Associate (CDA) student with She has aspirations of running her own preschool at the conclusion of her class with

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