The Way Love and Affection Shape a Child’s Life

Learning Sign Language

Love and affection are essential feelings in a person’s life. Love and affection in children’s life are fundamental for healthy brain development. It helps children feel secure and that they matter. Love and affection also help them create strong relationships with people in the future. Love and affection shape a child’s life.

Consistent Love and Affection

There is nothing more important in the life of a child than a consistent loving adult, someone that allows them to try new things. A consistent loving adult also helps the child learn new things, make a mistake, and help succeed. 

As a new mother, I have found myself frustrated and struggling sometimes because my infant is crying. I have learned along the way that patience, love, and affection are the key to helping me calm him down. All children have different needs. The way the infants express their needs is by crying. I know that can be frustrating for many people, but yelling and telling them to stop crying is not the right solution. This approach would make them cry even more.  Instead of leaving a child crying alone take a deep breath, carry them in your arms and talk to them in a loving voice. You will see that they immediately calm down because they will feel secure and that they matter to you. 

Positive Attachment

A child’s feelings about themselves is important throughout their lives. A loved child will be more likely to be attached to people, be less anxious, more confident, and will have higher self-esteem but those children that are not loved enough will tend to be more aggressive, will have behavioral problems, and lower self-esteem. In other words, creating strong bonds with your child will help them to be a more secure trusting person, and will also help them shape their lives!

This blog was created by Melisa Pita. who is a current Child Development Associate student with  Melisa holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Chemistry from the University of New Mexico. She is a first-time mother and loves spending time with her son.