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Learning Sign Language

The Way Love and Affection Shape a Child’s Life

Love and affection are essential feelings in a person’s life. Love and affection in children’s life are fundamental for healthy brain development. It helps children feel secure and that they matter. Love and affection also help them create strong relationships with people in the future. Love and affection shape a child’s life. Consistent Love and Affection

Pumpkin Time

  As Summer ends and Autumn creeps in, we see tons of pumpkin flavored food/drink being put back in seasonal menus such as pumpkin spiced latte, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin spiced cheerios, pumpkin spiced chocolates. So for this month, I would like to introduced a recipe that cannot get more pumpkin flavored than Pumpkin

Ellyn’s Craft Corner

Ellyn’s Craft Corner Can you believe that summer is already knocking at our door?! With the new summer months, I wanted to start a craft segment, so teachers that work throughout the summer would have some fresh, new crafts to pull from and teachers planning for the fall can find some inspiration. Personally, I LOVE


New Year New You!

I believe the new year brings so many endless possibilities! It is a fresh start for you and your children. I encourage you to let go of any difficulties you had and embrace this time of year to set goals and expand your knowledge in the field of education! Try different activities in your class,


Winter Outdoors!

As it begins to get chilly this time of year, I like to think of different ways to encourage kiddos to play outside! As educators, you know that children have A LOT of energy! They need the time to expend their energy, but it can be tricky to keep their interest when they are cold!

Holidays Around the World

This time of year typically puts people into a good mood (at least I like to think so!). Although times might be tough for some of our children and families that we work with (or even for you), there are many ways to make this season happy for all! As an early childhood educator and

Resources for Early Childhood Educators

Hello CDA Candidates and Early Childhood Educators! This month I want to focus on resources that are available for educators. As we say goodbye to summer, and enter Autumn, “The Season of Giving” seems to be right around the corner. As such, I would like to share some ideas on where teachers can turn when