Winter Outdoors!


As it begins to get chilly this time of year, I like to think of different ways to encourage kiddos to play outside! As educators, you know that children have A LOT of energy! They need the time to expend their energy, but it can be tricky to keep their interest when they are cold! There are of course the obvious activities, playing in the snow, sledding, snowball fights, but I like to also find ways to explore nature! Treasure hunts to find different pinecones and trees are always fun, and they can be brought back in the classroom afterwards for creative crafts! Another idea is to use binoculars to find animals and birds this time of year! Again, you can have the children create their own binoculars using toilet paper rolls, so they are involved in the whole process! 

As adults, it can be hard to get out side when the temperature drops, but I encourage you to bundle up and get outside with the kids! It sets a great example to them and shows them the importance of ‘exercise’ year round!