Obstacle Course Time!


I am thrilled about the warmer weather that is starting to set in, hopefully it is here to stay! I was thinking this month about how much fun I used to have as a child creating and executing obstacle courses when it was nice enough to go outside. There are so many ways you can get your kiddos involved to plan an obstacle course.  It challenges students to make a plan, as well as practice various skills to increase their fine motor and gross motor skills. Jumping, balancing, skipping, crawling can all be used on different pieces of equipment to increase the diversity of the obstacle course. The best part is that with some creativity, an obstacle course can also be transferred inside.

It is also fun to incorporate things like music, nature, art, or dramatic play into your courses! Anyone remember having to put on multiple layers of socks, racing across the room to then take them off so the next person and line could race? Silly things like that also encourage self help skills and independence.  I encourage you to let your children get involved in the planning process and see the excitement when they accomplish the task!