Planting Seeds in the Classroom

planting seeds in the classroom

Planting seeds in the classroom adds beauty and allows childcare classrooms to have nature in our classroom environments. In addition to this, there are amazing benefits to planting seeds in the classroom! One really big thing that planting in your classroom helps children with is learning how to grow foods and to take care of something.

Learning to Care for Others

When children are being taught about growing their own plants it really helps them realize responsibilities due to the fact that they will have to make sure the plant is getting proper sunlight and getting the water they need.

Learning the Science of Plants

In this process of planting, you can also teach the children about oxygen, carbon dioxide, and photosynthesis! And if you have the children planting food you will also end up with a “delicious reward” as stated in “The Gardens in the classroom blog”.

A Fresher Environment

Air is fresher indoors when plants are present. Having plants present in the classroom also helps children that may have breathing issues. 

Improving Mental Health

Fear of falling behind can be a stressor for children. Many plants can also help with improving mental health. Planting and gardening reduce stress. Planting seeds in the classroom is an amazing and simple way to help with a child’s mental health. Recent studies have also shown that having certain plants help out a lot with their learning and memorization. The plants could be an eye-catcher to the students but if you explain to them in a short summary why the plants are in the classroom and allow small amounts of time for the students to look and ask questions about the plants it will be a lot easier and less distracting to the students.

Although the plants may not help significantly with improving their learning and memorization it still does help the students improve at least a little, and what teacher wouldn’t want a simple amount of help like that?

This blog was created by Hollis Campbell who is a current Child Development Associate (CDA) student with

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