Playing Learning Growing

Playing Learning Growing

Playing learning growing. Sometimes as “Early Childhood Educators “ we often ask ourselves if we are doing enough inside our classroom. The answer is “yes you are.” It’s important for children to explore their own interests and surroundings while playing.

We have to remember that children learn through play. The importance of play in early childhood education has been studied and tested over the years. Learning through play is absolutely necessary and fun for children of this age. Playing and interacting with other children helps build confidence and self-esteem.

Why is Play important for toddlers?

Plenty of time playing and interacting with you and the people around them helps your child learn skills they need for life. Play allows children to learn skills of negotiation, problem-solving, sharing, and working in groups. The Importance of play in early childhood development; play is important to a healthy brain

What Every Parent Should Know About Play

  • Playing is learning.
  • Play benefits your child’s development.
  • Play comes in many types.
  • Children should be allowed to guide their own play.
  • Parents need to set a special time every day to play with their children.
  • Just have fun!
  • Play promotes creativity.
  • Play is healthy.

This blog was created by Amy Almassy who is currently a Child Development Associate student (CDA). Amy has been working in childcare for the last twelve years. She has been with the Kiddie Academy in Hamilton, New Jersey for the last five years. She enjoys spending time with her two beautiful girls.