Self Growth


This month I wanted to discuss some of the resources that are out there for teachers like you! Often, teachers need to continuously grow and educate themselves  about new aspects of the field to stay up to date. Especially in this course, teachers are required to use time management and their previous knowledge to draw conclusions. Frequently, students of this course are in need of answers regarding an assignment, or about their future plans after completing this course, this is when I encourage students to do their own searching and use the resources provided to find a solution! Of course at we are here to help and support you, as will your future co-workers, but I believe it is so important to try and find answers yourself first!

In elementary school, I had a teacher who requested that we ask 3 classmates for help prior to asking her. Not only did it encourage me and other shy children like myself, to branch out more, but I typically found the answer before needing to go to her! It made me feel good knowing I ‘found the answer by myself’ in a way. So while taking this course, and throughout your career, I challenge you to brainstorm and think through a problem before asking for help. That being said, below  you will find a few links to websites that can help you during this program as well as through your future career, when you get a little stuck!


-Instructor Ellyn