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positive self reflection

Growing into a Positive Self Reflection

There are so many questions on how to gain and grow a positive self-reflection. As you know self-reflection is based on your life experiences and how they have either helped you grow or changed you throughout your lifetime. Growing from children into adulthood positive self-reflection is something we all must do. How do you Gain

Teacher-Child Interactions, A Two-Way Street

During childhood, there is a dramatic development that includes biological, psychological, and social changes. At the age of about twelve, children have already learned the main life skills; to walk, to talk, to take care of themselves, and understanding the world around them. Family, school, and classmates are the main agents of socialization and, at

Top 3 Ways to Help with Self-Care

As early childhood educators, parents, teachers, spouses, grandparents, homemakers, etc., we wear many hats and have many daily responsibilities. It is often difficult for us to make time for ourselves, and when/if we do, we feel guilty. Think about how this… how can you take care of others, if you cannot take care of yourself?

Writing a Professional Email

Written by: Instructor Tiffany When drafting an email, there are several important things to consider. The first thing you need to consider, is your audience. Chances are, the email you are about to send will be to someone professional , such as a boss, co – worker, Instructor, potential employee, or other professional agency from

Tuning into Self

As an educator, it is usually expected of us to naturally love all children. Yes, even those ones who drive you crazy, it is still your job to nurture that child and provide for him or her a foundation of acceptance. In the real world however, we know that things can get in the way.


Self Growth

This month I wanted to discuss some of the resources that are out there for teachers like you! Often, teachers need to continuously grow and educate themselves  about new aspects of the field to stay up to date. Especially in this course, teachers are required to use time management and their previous knowledge to draw


New Year New You!

I believe the new year brings so many endless possibilities! It is a fresh start for you and your children. I encourage you to let go of any difficulties you had and embrace this time of year to set goals and expand your knowledge in the field of education! Try different activities in your class,


Continued professionalism!

This month I wanted to review some important professionalism tips that we like to value at by presenting your best self in emails, conference calls, and in your coursework, you are practicing to be a future educator. Parents and coworkers will read your emails and handouts and it is important that they include proper