Continued professionalism!


This month I wanted to review some important professionalism tips that we like to value at by presenting your best self in emails, conference calls, and in your coursework, you are practicing to be a future educator. Parents and coworkers will read your emails and handouts and it is important that they include proper and appropriate spelling, grammar and punctuation. It is so important to address the person you want your message to reach, as well as provide them your name (and other necessary contact information) so they can reply in a timely manner. Of course it is impossible to never make a mistake, but get in in the habit of reviewing your work before you send it out or press print! I suggest reading over your work out loud, or have someone else read it to you, so you can try and catch errors before it reaches the reader. Another tip is to save all of your work/emails/handouts for future use. This way, you can make slight updates on the document, but do not need to create a whole new template each time.

Remember that emails are always a professional document in this field. As I have mentioned in previous post, you do not use ‘text talk’ or slang in emails when communicating a professional message. Use the same tips as above to make sure you message comes across clearly!