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What is Early Childhood Education Exactly?

The brain develops most of its neurons between birth and 3 years old, early childhood education is defined as the period of birth through 9 years old. The importance of early childhood education can’t be overstated. The most important part of early childhood education to me is learning. My motto in my preschool class is


New Year New You!

I believe the new year brings so many endless possibilities! It is a fresh start for you and your children. I encourage you to let go of any difficulties you had and embrace this time of year to set goals and expand your knowledge in the field of education! Try different activities in your class,


Continued professionalism!

This month I wanted to review some important professionalism tips that we like to value at by presenting your best self in emails, conference calls, and in your coursework, you are practicing to be a future educator. Parents and coworkers will read your emails and handouts and it is important that they include proper

Resources for Early Childhood Educators

Hello CDA Candidates and Early Childhood Educators! This month I want to focus on resources that are available for educators. As we say goodbye to summer, and enter Autumn, “The Season of Giving” seems to be right around the corner. As such, I would like to share some ideas on where teachers can turn when

My Child Development Associate

While summertime can bring long sunny days, time spent vacationing, visiting the beach, swimming, etc., it can also be a time of reflection where adult learners start to think about their future in the education field. Here at, we want adults to reach their full potential in the early childhood field, and in this