My Child Development Associate

While summertime can bring long sunny days, time spent vacationing, visiting the beach, swimming, etc., it can also be a time of reflection where adult learners start to think about their future in the education field. Here at, we want adults to reach their full potential in the early childhood field, and in this drive to assist that from happening, we often come across adults who feel like they do not know where to begin. My suggestion is to start when it is the right time for you, but also know what you are getting into.

Many students at often ask a question that reminds me of my elementary students, “I’m finished, now what?” I am asked this question so frequently, I made an anchor chart that sits in my classroom all year long. The students consistently right to be the first ones finished, and quickly want to ask me, “Now what?” While the suggestions on my anchor chart are not the same as the students for, the concept is the same; let’s move onto the next step!

With this idea in mind, comes this monthly blog installment on where students go once they are finished with their coursework at So here it is!

After completing the 120 educational hours with, a student applies directly to the CDA Council. Everything you will need to do after completing your coursework, will be done through the CDA Council. This includes applying to the CDA Council, showing proof of your coursework, locating a PD Specialist, information on how to locate a testing center for the final exam, and creating an online account where you can track the progress of your application. For more information on how to apply, check here: 

If you are beyond this step, and you are ready to locate your PD Specialist, check here: 

Once these things have occurred, you are ready to go! Here is an extra tip from the CDA Council:

*** Wait for the Council to review your application and send you the Ready to Schedule Notice. Once you receive it, you may proceed to schedule your CDA Exam with Pearson Vue and your Verification Visit with your PD Specialist. SPECIAL NOTE: If you pay with a credit card, you will be able to schedule your Verification Visit immediately and your CDA Exam the next day!

After completing these steps, you continue to check YOURCDA online, for your status. From there, you will earn your Child Development Associate Credential!

Don’t forget to start the Renewal process sooner, rather than later!