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New Parents: Early Childhood Education Classes Can Help

Congratulations, new parents! Parenthood is a beautiful and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging and daunting. One of the best things you can do to ensure parental success is to take some early childhood education classes. These classes will provide you with the tools you need to raise your child in a safe

Welcome to the Child Development Associate (CDA) Process

Hello my fellow Early Childhood Educators! My name is Tiffany and I am one of the Instructor’s at I live and work in Philadelphia, PA and have been here my entire life (almost 39 years!). My background is in Early Childhood Education, Psychology, and Teaching, Learning and Curriculum. I currently work full-time as a

My Child Development Associate

While summertime can bring long sunny days, time spent vacationing, visiting the beach, swimming, etc., it can also be a time of reflection where adult learners start to think about their future in the education field. Here at, we want adults to reach their full potential in the early childhood field, and in this


Using Google Docs for CDA Class

As educators, you are continuously coming up with new ideas for lesson plans, decorating the class room and planning events for families to showcase your students’ work. It can be overwhelming, and that it why it so important to have a variety of resources! During the Child Development Associate (CDA) program we require an assignment

Who is your Enrollment Specialist?

I’m Meredith, an educator, former instructor, and your Enrollment Specialist with Why do I want you to enroll and earn your Child Development Associate? I want you to become an early childhood educator and to be the ones contributing to the experiences that affect the social, physical, and emotional development of children. Our

The Face Behind the Texts

Do you ever wonder why Meredith, the Enrollment Specialist for, texts and emails you encouraging you to join Well, I’m Meredith, and not only am I the enrollment specialist, but I’m also a former instructor and kindergarten teacher. I began working for over ten years ago while I was teaching kindergarten.  I started out as