The Face Behind the Texts

Do you ever wonder why Meredith, the Enrollment Specialist for, texts and emails you encouraging you to join
Well, I’m Meredith, and not only am I the enrollment specialist, but I’m also a former instructor and kindergarten teacher.
I began working for over ten years ago while I was teaching kindergarten.  I started out as an in person instructor, and when the program went online, I became the instructor for is much more than just an online course with someone working behind the scenes to check work.  You get an instructor who really cares and will work with you.  There is always an open line of communication through emails, online chats, and conference calls.   I loved our online chats and conference calls because we became a community supporting one another.  We not only discussed assignments, but we also discussed what was happening in our classrooms and shared ideas and tips.  Even I came away with new ideas for my own classroom!
So, why do I encourage you so much to join?  Having your CDA Credential is invaluable.  As a former Site Director for a School Based Child Care Program for 15 years, I’ve seen many resumes and had A LOT of staff come and go.  The resumes that I was most interested in were from those who had their CDA Credential, and you know who the strongest employees were?  That’s right, the ones with their CDA Credential; it’s invaluable and makes you invaluable!
Now you know why I text and email you to enroll in, but the number one reason I do it is because I want you to get that credential and succeed and taking classes through ENSURES you will!