Top 3 Ways to Help with Self-Care

As early childhood educators, parents, teachers, spouses, grandparents, homemakers, etc., we wear many hats and have many daily responsibilities. It is often difficult for us to make time for ourselves, and when/if we do, we feel guilty. Think about how this… how can you take care of others, if you cannot take care of yourself? This is why it is important to give yourself, your body, and mind the time it needs to recharge, reset, and rest. Here are some ways to get started:

1. SLEEP! – This is the number one thing we can do for our bodies. Allow our bodies to rest, and prepare for the next day. Proper sleep habits will reduce stress, which will reduce possible health conditions. Be sure you have the proper sleep arrangements in your home, and get plenty of sleep each night!

2. Exercise – Okay, not my favorite either, but I do enjoy some Yoga which counts as exercise! Even if you spend 10-15 minutes each day (morning, lunch, before bed, it doesn’t matter when!), try to squeeze in a little “me” time of 10-15 minutes of exercise.
Maybe you walk the steps in your house a few extra times, take a walk around the block after dinner, or do some nighttime yoga to help you relax and prepare for SLEEP!

3. Organize – Now this one I can get on board with! The better organized you feel, the better you feel all-around. Start by using your cell phone’s calendar, or writing things down in a planner. Be sure to schedule your daily “me” time there as well. While things will still come up and require changes to your schedule, having a visual list of what to expect can make you feel less stressed.

You think you can make these work? There are plenty of other ways to engage in self-care too, such as reading a book, turning off all electronics and sitting in silence, taking deep breaths when feeling anxious, and many more. Now go take care of yourself so you can continue to take care of others!

Instructor Tiffany