Snow Much Fun

Children love their outside time it gives them a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air! The children look forward to their playtime outdoors so they can explore the playground they get to go on walks, play with water toys, chalk, and they especially get to run off all of their energy! Once the cold weather approaches outside activities get limited for the kids which cause boredom. Kiddos start to get antsy from being in the same room all day.

Here are a few ideas to keep the children entertained throughout the snowy weather!

Sensory Bins filled with Snow

Snow angels

Snow paint

Let’s Build a Snowman

When freezing temperatures make it too cold to go out, bring the snow inside to play have someone take a large bowl or bucket outside and fill it with snow, and bring it inside to put in the sensory bins in the classroom. A snowy sensory bin will keep the kiddos very entertained! The kids can use their imagination to create a masterpiece out of snow.

Teachers can also plan a day to go outside to build a snowman with the kids. They can have each kid in their class bring something from home to dress up the snowman! Each kid can help create their own version of a snowman, and while kids are waiting to help decorate the snowman have the rest of the kids make snow angels. Painting in the snow is another wintertime activity for the kids. Kids love to do art teachers can plan a fun art day to bring art outside bring paint, and paintbrushes outside and the kids can paint pictures in the snow. You can also fill squirt bottles with paint, and the kids can spray the snow. Indoors or, outside you can make the best out of the snowy days for the kids at your center.

Amanda Pezzimenti