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importance of routines with young children

Importance of Routines with Young Children

When I started my teaching career, I knew the importance of routines with young children, and transitioning is the most important thing you can have in the classroom.  I believe that children of all ages thrive on a daily routine in the classroom.  It allows children to transition more easily between activities, like snack time,

Outdoor play

Health and Safety

When choosing a child care center, it is important to look for evidence that your child’s health and safety will be a priority. Looking for a licensed program is one step you can take to help choose a safe place for your child. Rules and regulations are also very important, the daycare that providers should

5 Tips for Virtual Teaching

Written by: Instructor Tiffany While some of us are embracing the end of summer and welcoming of fall, some are lost in what day of week it is as we prepare for back to school. This year, unlike any other in our lives, may look a lot different. Some of us are heading back to

Wrapping Up a School Year

Some schools transition children all throughout the year, and some have a formal “move-up” day or graduation. There seem to be more and more Pre-K graduations these days than ever before. Although exciting, this can make for a more stressful time of year for early childhood educators. While some classrooms are filled with rehearsals, and


Gardens in the Classroom

Have you ever considered growing a garden in your classroom? Or maybe you have already had success! I personally have not been blessed with a green thumb, but I love the idea of having children plant, and nurture, to learn a variety of responsibilities. Not to mention, a beautiful (or delicious) reward may come at

Spring is in the Air!

As soon as the first warm day following winter arrives, I start to have summer on my mind. I skip right over “spring” and start to imagine summer. This is because as a regular education teacher in a public school, I have the luxury of not working in the summer. It seems though, that people

Indoor Recess? No Problem!

With the winter months, comes many inclement weather days for our young learners. This can also lead to an over-abundance of built up energy for our little ones when they are not provided with enough engaging, gross motor activities. The CDA Council prides itself on 13 functional areas, and one of them include Functional Area

Holidays Around the World

This time of year typically puts people into a good mood (at least I like to think so!). Although times might be tough for some of our children and families that we work with (or even for you), there are many ways to make this season happy for all! As an early childhood educator and


Back to School Welcome!

Welcome students and those looking to begin the CDA process! I can not believe we are already approaching the fall months! At the start of this school year, I am sure many, if not all of you will have an influx of new children and parents entering your program. With this new group of

Getting Ready for the New School Year!

September (and sometimes August depending on where you live) brings the start of a new school year for many children. Enrollment in September for preschoolers and younger, tend to rise as many stay-at home parents tend to go back to work and after many children have had their summer birthdays. For early childhood educators, this