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Cooking with Preschoolers

Cooking with Toddlers and Preschool Age Kids

The Next Masterchef Cooking can be pleasurable for all age groups. It is never too late or too early to promote learning basic kitchen skills. Cooking with toddlers and preschool age kids can be the high point of your day. Encouraging children to help out in the kitchen for any meal of the day or

A Helping Hand in the Kitchen

A Helping Hand in the Kitchen

As the old saying goes, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But what about lunch and dinner? What about the snacks? The truth is, it’s all important! It was not until I became a mother that I realized just how much “stuff” is in some of the foods we consider to be

messy kids

Messy Children – Let Them Make a Mess

Mess, is such a scary word to some of us. Messy children and making a mess are part of any quality childcare program. But also making a mess is such an important tool for your young one.  Making a mess gives your children benefits such as: Fine & Gross Motor Skills Fine Motor Skills are

Pumpkin Time

  As Summer ends and Autumn creeps in, we see tons of pumpkin flavored food/drink being put back in seasonal menus such as pumpkin spiced latte, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin spiced cheerios, pumpkin spiced chocolates. So for this month, I would like to introduced a recipe that cannot get more pumpkin flavored than Pumpkin

Yogurt Fruit Pops – Cooking Activity

The weather is heating up and we found just the right way to cool down while making it fun for the kids! The recipe for this month are yogurt fruit pops! To get started with this fun activity have your kids share with each other their favorite fruit. Then, we can show them how to


Cooking in the Classroom

This time of year, when it is a little bit too chill to be outside,  I love experimenting with different recipes! I think cooking with children is so valuable and fun! Depending on what you have access to in your classroom, cooking may vary, but there are many non bake items, that you can try!

Cooking in the Classroom

When I had my own early childhood education classroom, we had cooking every Friday, which both the children and I loved!  Cooking is a wonderful way to integrate science, math, literacy, art, and gross and fine motor skills into the curriculum.  My cooking project would always tie of in with my theme of the month/week,