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Top 3 Ways to Stay Cool in Preschool!

Summer has arrived, and sometimes it is nice to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning. Sometimes, we want to be outside and enjoy the summer weather that we had been waiting for all winter long. Then, sometimes, we are too hot to be out and want to go back inside! Here are some ways

Ice Cold Craft!

The past few weeks have been scorching on the East coast, and it has inspired me to look into some ‘refreshing’ craft ideas! It didn’t take long to find the super cute craft below from Pitter Patter Art. As always, you may need to upgrade or downgrade the craft depending on the age group you work

No Bake Snack Bar

Every time that I am craving for something sweet to eat I find myself searching the pantry to satisfy my cravings only to end up with eating cereal which we have plenty of. I thought to myself while eating cereal, “How can I make this cereal into something completely different?” So I searched the web


Reviewing Homework Successfully

Hello childcare professionals! For this month, I wanted to talk to you about the importance of reviewing your work. As educators, we are constantly providing students and their caregivers written information. We want that information to have correct spelling and grammar, and most importantly make sense! In this class, you are provided ample opportunities to